About Us

Based in Lucan since 2008, we specialise in the Supply, Service and Maintenance of office photocopiers and printers.

We are experts in

right printer
Identifying the right printing devices 
for your office
reduce print costs
Reducing in-house 
printing costs
reduce print volume
Reducing print volumes 
by creating individual user accountability for print content

We understand the challenges that face SMEs when it comes to managing in-house printing. We know how confusing, time consuming and expensive in-house printing can be. We want to lend our expertise to our clients to create a hassle free, cost efficient in-house printing environment. 

Firstly, we ensure that our clients have the right devices in their printer fleet. Then we focus on minimising print volumes and creating individual user accountability for print content. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and service. We are a team of vastly experienced professionals ensuring you will enjoy a personal and professional experience at every step of the process.